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Hello friends! I run across intriguing thoughts everyday - which center on a better life through business, social change, and personal improvement. I hope that we will be informed, inspired and even challenged together. These posts are also not my personal opinions on any particular issue. Happy Reading!


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    TCR: We read that note you sent about the South China Mall, which is pretty stunning. It’s the second largest mall in the world but is mostly empty.

    VK: That’s right. But as outrageous an example as the South China Mall is, there’s an even more outrageous example – namely that the Chinese built an entire city, Ordos, in Inner Mongolia for 1.5 million residents and it is completely empty. These are classic examples of the sort of excesses going on in China.

    Ordos, China: A Modern Ghost Town  Meant as home for one million people the Kangbashi district remains nearly empty five years after construction began

    TCR: The equivalent of building bridges to nowhere, but on a very large – Chinese – scale.

    VK: Exactly. There are no shortcuts to greatness.


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