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Hello friends! I run across intriguing thoughts everyday - which center on a better life through business, social change, and personal improvement. I hope that we will be informed, inspired and even challenged together. These posts are also not my personal opinions on any particular issue. Happy Reading!


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    You can unplug the Internet and pull the shades—or you can phone a friend.

    You’re reaching the frayed ends of over-caffeinated overtime and if your inbox pings one more time, you might throw your laptop at a wall. If you had the time to read a whole self-help book on being overwhelmed, well, you wouldn’t need it, would you?

    study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology looks at your options for bailing out of a burnout, before the meltdown starts.

    Using a psychology model of coping mechanisms called selection, optimization, and compensation, the researchers tested each method with a sample of 294 employees and their supervisors. Only one of these strategies actually worked. But first, a review of their definitions:

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    Too high a price: Parts from some endangered species are worth more than gold or cocaine


    You might be rocking headphones while you read this—but does what’s playing make you better at your job?

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    Earpiece gives anyone super-human hearing abilities

    Hearing loss affects a huge number of people, and not just the elderly. Those who often attend rock concerts or listen to music at a loud volume on their headphones can often lose aural dexterity, making hard to hear in certain situations. Soundhawk is a device designed for anyone to improve their hearing in loud environments by helping them to tune into the sounds they want to hear. READ MORE…


    "It’s a good job."

    (via ashng)


    To build a future, you have to know the past - Otto Frank, 1967.
    Although I was exhausted today from the weekend’s trip, I am really glad I went to the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam despite having to wait 2 hours. The human race keeps making the same mistakes…we can have hope that the future would be better only if we learn from the lessons of the past. Hurting for the places of despair, but so proud that I work for one of the few organizations that insists on breaking through the darkness, even if constrained, even if a little late, even with insufficient supplies. (at Anne Frank House)


    Breathing monitor helps users track their state of mind

    Stress is typically thought of as having negative health consequences, but it can be difficult to know when or why we become stressed. While tools such as the handheldPIP sensor have previously aimed to let users know when they should relax, Spire is a wearable device that continuously tracks users’ respiration and other metrics, letting them know when they need to take a deep breath. READ MORE…


    Superheroes and headstands, tough questions and good books—we’re definitely not sorry for how great this month was.

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    "It’s not what I have been through in my life that defines who I am, it’s how I got through it that has made me the person I am Today." 

    (via Live Life Happy) 


    "The most empowering thing you can do in your own life is know yourself. Self-awareness is the key to everything." –HSN, Inc. CEO Mindy Grossman

    In this video, Grossman shares more insights on personal and professional success: 


    In Japan, store lets customers wear clothes for a day before paying

    Buying new clothes online is always a hit and miss affair when it comes to sizing or fit, but even trying items on in a high street store sometimes isn’t long enough either. To ensure customers’ clothes are definitely right for them, Japan’s Fast Retailing Co has opened a store with its GU Fitting service, which enables visitors to take clothes away for an entire day before returning to give them back or pay. READ MORE…


    Hellmann’s delivers cooking lessons on demand via WhatsApp

    Regular readers of Springwise will know that the Brazilian arm of Hellmann’s mayonnaise is determined to find new ways to engage its customer base, whether it’s through NFC-enabled touchscreen shopping carts that deliver meal suggestions as customers walk through the store, or
    printing recipes on the back of receipts, tailored their shopping bill. Now it’s returned with WhatsCook, a campaign that helps anyone get instant recipes and cooking advice from pro chefs via the popular WhatsApp messaging service. READ MORE…


    The July Fourth weekend signals summer is in full swing. Will you unplug during the break, or will you stay tethered to your smartphone?

    Not everyone can take a tropical vacation where cell-phone reception is spotty and you are truly disconnected from the outside world, but you can choose to spend time off the grid, wherever you are.

    Whether you want to unplug for a few hours or an entire weekend, here are three persuasive reasons to leave your phone at home and take a digital detox.

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    Here are 11 stories that will teach you how to hire, lead, build, measure, fail fast, and sell faster.


    Summer Day 40: First day of work at the ICRC! Grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of the work dealing with humanitarian challenges. (at International Committee of the Red Cross)

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